Where it all began

“Outside The Wire”  is an Albuquerque,  New Mexico based alternative rock band that consists of lead guitarist, songwriter,  arranger and producer Mark Godwin, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Farrow, bassist and vocalist Jaime Gallegos and drummer Fernando Garavito. The band began with the collaboration between Mark and Jeff who spent a year in the studio in  2015 developing band material and writing songs,  some of which can be heard by clicking on the “ Outside The Wire Medley “ just below the band picture on the main page of this website. They soon teamed up with  Jaime and  Fernando to form the band as it is today. 

The Meaning of the Words

    The band’s name “Outside The Wire”  is military slang for outside the safety of the ‘wired’ military base compound,  or in other words, in the danger zone.